• Tai Chi and Qi Gong Practice Course July – September 2017
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Now you are able to experience the best of both Tai Chi and Qi Gong at China Cultural Centre in Sydney. This course is suited for professionals stressed from workplaces, suffering from headaches, sleeping matters, neck, shoulder and back stiffness and pain, digestion problems, emotional or chronic fatigue or anyone who is looking to enrich their healthy lifestyle. The combined course (8 sessions of a 1 hour Qi Gong class + a 1 hour Tai Chi class) is recommended for you to achieve comprehensive benefit of wellbeing and is offered for a discounted admission. You also have the flexibility to pick either Qi Gong or Tai Chi only for 8 sessions.

Course details:

Fridays, 21 July –  8 September 
First session 11:30am-12:30pm
Second session 12:40pm-1:40pm


$15 for single session $20 for two sessions
$180 for 8 sessions of the Qi Gong and Tai Chi classes combined including a set of Tai Chi Costume per enrolment.
$140 for 8 single sessions only including a set of Tai Chi Costume per enrolment.

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Trial Classes:

ONE trial class only for each person registered.

If you have registered for a trial class, please let us know at the reception before entering the classroom. If you would like to proceed with the course after the trial, you will be required to pay for the total number of classes you wish to attend including the trial class.

What is Qi Gong? 

Qigong is a series of exercises that were put together under Daoism and can be traced back for several thousand years. The Chinese character chi “Qi” means breath, air or life force. The character “Gong” means work, achievement or developing a skill in something. Gong, is used with any study or training which requires a lot of energy and time, work or self-discipline. Thus Qigong is the training or study dealing with energy work.

What is Tai Chi?
Tai Chi is a Chinese traditional martial art and was originally practised purely for self defence. In use, the mind focuses to lead Chi (Qi), sending the energy power through your body meridian pathways to the attacker. Nowadays, Tai Chi has been proven to be a nature and body science and is mostly practised for health purposes.

Who should attend?
If you are seeking a healthy lifestyle, a reduction in stress and interested in alleviating health problems with efficiency and a 100 % natural therapy, then this is the class for you.

About the instructor:
Sue Chang graduated from Peking University with a Bachelor degree of Arts. China martial Art 6 Duan. She is a Taichi Master, acu-point Health Qigong Nature Therapist. Born from a traditional Herbalist Tai Chi family, Sue was influenced by her Father Zhang Zengrong, who loves Tai Chi and has been practiced all his life.

Further information :
This class is not suited for people who are pregnant, unable to exercise or have acute conditions with pain.
Please wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothing and flat-soled shoes.
The class will be conducted in English.
All classes need a minimum number of students to go ahead. If your chosen course does not have sufficient enrollment, it may be postponed to next term or canceled. Should this happen, we     will inform you as soon as possible.
For legal reasons, we reserve the right to vary courses due to unforeseen circumstances.
Fees are non-refundable unless one is proved to be unfit by a doctor’s certificate.




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