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“Riddle·Love – Paintings by Chen Jian and Tian Li” Opened in China Cultural Centre (Sydney)

Comprising a thematic series of emotive, atmospheric landscape paintings executed during the artists’ visit to the East Coast of Australia last year, “Riddle·Love – Paintings by Chen Jian and Tian Li” was opened on 17th February at China Cultural Centre (Sydney). 

This Chinese watercolour painting exhibition, with more than 50 artworks, brings a contemporary technique and poetic vision to the artists’ practice using traditional materials, namely, the ancient Chinese ink colours and Medieval tempera, and shows Chen and Tian’s passion in the exploration of the ultimate thinking of the art proposition.

“By exhibiting Chen Jian and Tian Li’s paintings, China Cultural Centre (Sydney) wishes to showcase to the Australian audience the Chinese artists’ observation in Australia and their deeper thoughts on nature and human, to enhance the communication between Chinese and Australian artists and audience, and to promote mutual understanding and cultural exchange between China and Australia,” said Madame Zhao Li, Director of China Cultural Centre (Sydney)

Graduated from the China Central Academy of Fine Arts, Tian is one of the most representative artists in China, highly skilled in watercolour, pastel and tempera painting.

“Tian Li’s small-sized paintings are very impressive. Those of her works, full of the sense of early European renaissance, are neither painted with exciting color blocks, nor with exotic senses, but with kind of quiet and tranquil state, which comforts our emotions disturbed by the anxiety and depression of the age”, said Shang Hui, curator of the exhibition.

As a renowned master of watercolour painting, Chen Jian is Associate Director and Secretary-in-Chief of the Watercolour Art Commission of China Artists Association. His works have been collected by key art institutions of China, namely National Art Museum of China, China Central Academy of Fine Arts, China Academy of Fine Arts, etc. 

“Chen Jian presents to us the fantastic and inscrutable ocean and sky. He leads our eyes to the place where the horizon disappears, from desolate beach to the blue sea, from the sun at noon to the dusk. The fluctuation of time, the changes of lights, and the floating of clouds, arouse the wonder of the audience about the other side of the ocean and the end of the”, said Shang Hui.

“It s our privilege to see such amazing artworks in China Cultural Centre tonight”, said David van Nunen, President of Australian Watercolour Institute.

“These exhibited works created special mood and atmosphere through Austrailan landscpes, they also reflect the unique quaity and personality of the artists, it’s my great honour to witness these master level artworks”, Mr. David Taylor, Melbourne-based watercolour artist. 

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