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China Music House · Hiking Music Album


13-MONTH C&C is a China-based multi-functional music company. They constantly explore a new mode of cross-border integration based on music content IP, and bring innovative cultural projects, such as “China Music House”, with profound cultural value and influence. Musicians from China, Argentina, Israel, Belgium, Germany, America, Lebanon with different cultural backgrounds and artistic styles use guitar, accordion, oud, guzheng, bamboo flute and other instruments to jointly perform with the wonderful combination of Latin style, Central Asian rhythm, Nordic style and Traditional Chinese folk music, creating new musical expressions. 

With the integration of Chinese traditional culture and world music, “China Music House · Hiking” is inspired by traditional Chinese landscape painting to show the mountain, that is Slope, Ridge, Peak, Valley and Hill to name the themes of the whole album. Five musicians from different regions, including Lebanese oud player Hadi, Arabic tabla player Mohamad, Chinese musician Chen Weilun, disc collector Shi Lei and flute artist Liu Xiaogang, use their instruments and unique timbre to tell the story of two travelers from a foreign land and the aboriginal people living in the mountains. From unfamiliar to familiar, from suspicion to trust, they go deep into the vast mountains and enjoy the charm of the mountains together. Therefore, a dialogue between civilizations spread along the mountains and rivers.

China Culture Centre in Sydney and 13-MONTH C&C jointly launched the music album online exhibition, “China Music House · Hiking” on our official website. Telling the story of Chinese music in the world language, exploring the integration of traditional Chinese music with multiple music genres and modern technology, we hope this exhibition could promote exchanges and cooperation between Chinese and foreign music artists.

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