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CMH·Kunqu Opera·Dreaming Peony Pavilion


Kunqu Opera, as one of the oldest operas in China, has more than 600 years’ history. The love stories of Du Liniang and Liu Mengmei, Chen Miaochang and Pan Bizheng, are like vivid dreams in teenage years. Based on six complete arias from the classic Kunqu operas “The Peony Pavilion” and “The Story of the Jade Hairpin”, this unique music album is performed by renowned Chinese Kunqu Opera artists and top pop musicians, presenting the crossover of the exquisite Kunqu opera singing and contemporary instruments such as zheng, bass, and modern percussion. The amazing way of using international musical language to express Chinese traditional opera will bring along a refreshing feeling you’ve never had. Chen Weilun, the composer of this album, has written both new music such as rock and jazz electronic music, and adapted the original score, which is being performed on colorful gorgeous stage. And, in centuries-old kunqu style, the slow movements of kunqu artists on the stage and their delicate makeup create a visual contrast with the flickering light. It brings the audience into a dream and immerses kunqu opera fans in the beauty of Chinese opera.

“China Music House” (CMH) is created by a China-based multi-functional music company, 13-MONTH C&C , with years of experience and inspired by traditional Chinese culture. China Culture Centre in Sydney and 13-MONTH C&C jointly launched the music album, CMH·Kunqu Opera·Dreaming Peony Pavilion, on our official website. Traditional costumes and the original Kunqu opera are integrated into rock music, bringing new vitality to the ancient art of Kunqu opera.

Australian audiences will be able to enjoy this opera music album created by Chinese contemporary musicians and traditional opera masters, experience the charm of Kunqu and the lnnovation in Chinese opera art.

Dreaming Peony Pavilion

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