Stories in Lights and Shadows – the Belt and Road Initiative and the Development of Chinese Film and Television
03:30 to 05:30

Perhaps no art form in China has engendered as much controversy or has had such a checkered past as film. From the horrors of war to the red carpet at Cannes, the history of Chinese film has illustrated the extremes of politics and art in a delicate dance that has captivated the attention of art and film historians for decades.

This talk, based on DING Yaping’s research, will introduce the development of film and television industries in China, as well as bring the audiences with the unique view on how “The Belt and Road” initiative has impacted the industrial development.

When: 12 Sep 2018, 2:30 PM
Where: China Cultural Centre in Sydney

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Speaker: DING Yaping, Director of the Film and Television Art Research Institute at the Chinese National Academy of Arts
Language: Mandarin, with English interpretation

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