About Library

The CCC Library is situated in the China Culture Centre in Sydney on Level 1, 151 Castlereagh Street, Sydney. We aim to make our service easily accessible to the general public and to create a friendly environment for the learning of Chinese culture.

The CCC Library has a collection of over 7,000 books, newspapers and periodicals as well as electronic materials in both Chinese and English, of which some are available for circulation.

To meet with our objective, our service is designed on the principle of users’ friendliness. All the collections are indexed on computer database and can be easily accessed. The digital reading facilities at the library will ensure quality services in accessing electronic materials such as music CDs, VCD, DVD, CD-Rom and videotapes. You are also welcomed to use them for internet to search for information about Chinese culture and other subject matters.



Books on China’s politics, economy, culture, history, geography, nationalities, religion, natural environment, and science;
Master pieces on Chinese and foreign literature, drama, dance, fine art, photography, films and television;
Books on education, sports, medicine, health, food and travel

Electronic Reading Materials

Special editions on China’s economic development, people’s life, scenery and places of interest, folk custom, culture and religion; music pieces of traditional music, philhomonic and songs; films and TV series

Rules and Regulations for Using the Library of China Cultural Centre in Sydney

1.In order to read and borrow books you must firstly become a registered member of the China Cultural Centre in Sydney. Upon registration at the reception desk you will then be able to browse and borrow books using your membership card.

2.Your membership card cannot be used by any other person other than yourself. Should you allow another person to use your card, the Centre has the right to revoke your membership without refund.

3.Registered members may freely browse the library’s books, newspapers and journal articles, as well as all video and audio products located within the library. Registered members are also permitted to use the library’s computers to search online for information. If a member wishes to borrow books from the library, he or she will be required to deposit $50 AUD. This deposit will be returned upon the condition that the books are returned to the library without any damage.

4.Each registered member can borrow up to 2 items for a period of 2 weeks (please confirm with the librarian which items are available for loan). A loan can be renewed only once for a maximum of 7 days. If the items are not returned within this period after the requested renewal, the Centre has the right to cancel your membership and withhold your deposit.

5. If you wish to use the library’s printer or photocopier, the Centre allows printing/copying (black & white only) on A4 or A3 paper. Prices are as follows:
30 cents per single-sided A4 copy or print
50 cents per double-sided A4 copy or print
40 cents per single-sided A3 copy or print
70 cents per double-sided A3 copy or print

6. If you wish to use the library’s computer, please ask the librarian for log-in information. Each computing session is a maximum of 2 hours per day.

7. If you are responsible for any damage to the library’s books, journals, newspapers or any other facilities within the library, the Centre has the right to ask you to repay any damages caused. If an item was damaged while on loan under your name, the Centre has the right to ask for compensation in addition to withholding your $50 deposit. Should you lose one of a series of books, a full compensation for the whole series will apply. If you are required to pay compensation for a lost or damaged book, the Centre will provide you with a receipt upon payment. If a lost book becomes found and is still in good condition after compensation has been paid, the Centre will provide a refund of the compensation upon proof of receipt. Should the responsible party refuse to pay for damages caused to the library’s materials and/or facilities, his or her membership will be immediately cancelled and further action will be taken. Stealing is an offense, and any attempted theft will be reported immediately to the police.

8. Journal magazines, newspapers and a selection of other valuable and fragile pieces of literature are only available to be viewed within the library. We recommend readers to browse these items one at a time to prevent damage. After reading, please return the items back to their original shelves.

9. Eating is not allowed within the library. Please be courteous and mindful of others, as this will provide a clean, tidy and quiet environment for you and others within the library.

10.The China Cultural Centre in Sydney reserves the right to make the final decision regarding the interpretation of all the above-mentioned terms and conditions; the China Cultural Centre in Sydney also reserves the right to change or modify any of the terms and conditions at any time without notice.

Library Hours

2pm to 5pm Monday to Friday

The Library is closed on Australian Public Holidays and Chinese Public Holidays (Please refer to “Opening Hours” on bottom right corner for specific dates)

How to Contact Us

Address: Level 1, 151 Castlereagh Street, Sydney
Phone: 02 8228 3053