《Fortress Besieged》

Author:Qian Zhongshu


Fortress Besieged is a classic of world literature, a masterpiece of parodic fiction that plays with Western literary traditions, philosophy, and middle-class Chinese society in the Republican era.

Set on the eve of the Sino-Japanese War, hapless hero Fang Hung-chien , with no particular goal in life and with a bogus degree from a fake American university in hand, returns home to Shanghai. In a sort of painful comedy, Fang obtains a teaching post at a newly established university where the effete pseudo-intellectuals he encounters in academia become the butt of Qian’s merciless satire. Soon Fang is trapped into a marriage of Nabokovian proportions of distress and absurdity.The novel ends with his wife leaving him, while he listens to a clock chiming.

Book List:

《The Yellow Storm》
《Prose Collection of Feng Zikai》
Reviews:The best modern Chinese novel about intellectuals.
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