Student Regulation

Student Registration Process

1. Online registration: Follow Eventbrite’s instructions and fill out online registration form, make payment accordingly to complete the process. 

2. Offline registration: Grab a registration form in CCC or print off the form on CCC’s website, submit it with payments at the centre. CCC only accepts bank transfer and card payments, no cash on premises.

3. Once registered successfully, CCC will email the students two weeks prior course date and related information. If class size below standard, CCC will cancel the class and notify the students, all payments will be refunded.

Class Time

1. one class /per week, 2 hours /per class, 50min/lesson; 10 minutes break time.

2. One school term has 8 lessons which includes Chinese painting, Calligraphy, musical instruments, Chinese dance class and Tai Chi. Mandarin course has 20 lessons per term.

Disciplinary Requirements

1. Arrive at the class 5 minutes early

2. No Smoking, No Food, Drinks or Pets into the classroom and library

3. Respectful to the teacher, behave appropriately in class

4. Look after Centre’s infrastructure and public facilities, penalties will apply if damage occurred.

5. Keep classroom clean and tidy after each use, take any rubbish with you at the end of the class.

6. Apply for leave in advance if students cannot attend the class on the day

Costs and Discounts

1. Chinese painting, calligraphy, musical instruments and dance course will be $25/per class, one school term is $200 AUD.

2. Tai Chi course is $20/per class, one school term is $160AUD.

3. Mandarin course is $15/per class, one school term is $300AUD, students need to register to be CCC’s member for an annual fee of $25AUD to join this course.

4. Members of CCC enjoys a 10% discount for joining any non-mandarin courses.

5. Mandarin course students enjoy a 20% discount for Chinese calligraphy class.

6. Students who have continued classes from term 1 to term 4, will enjoy 20% discount on term 5 learning. Students who studied from term 1 to term 10 continuously will enjoy a 40% discounts on term 11.

7. Above discount terms cannot be add up.


1. Course can be canceled two weeks prior to the start date, CCC will refund the cost in full; Course within the two weeks of start date , CCC will deduct $50 AUD as penalty and refund the rest.

2. Students who wish to drop out after course commencement within the first month, CCC will only charge lessons that have been taken, then refund the rest. If its longer than 1 month, full school term amount will be charged, no refund.

3. Students who wish to drop out of the school terms, they have to send an official letter to the centre or by email with reasonable explanation. Once CCC has responded back to the students, they should bring invoice along to apply for a refund. Students need to pay for any additional surcharges if occurred.

4. If student applied for a leave, or absent on the day, there’s no supplementary lesson or any refund given to the students, including text books or material costs.

Accounts Info

Account Name:China Cultural Centre in Sydney Limited
Account Number:1000 0050 0007 222
Fill out student’s name 

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