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China Cultural Centre in Sydney (CCC) is an
official non-profit cultural organization registered in Sydney.

China Cultural Centre in Sydney (CCC) is an official non-profit cultural organization registered in Sydney by the Chinese government. On 17 November 2014, it was unveiled jointly by Chinese President Xi Jinping and the then-Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott. Since its founding, CCC has been committed to pursuing “Quality, Popularization, Friendship and Cooperation” in its work of hosting cultural events and offering training courses and relevant information to the Australian public. It has held exhibitions, performances, and people-to-people exchanges that have brought to Australia the fine Chinese traditional and contemporary culture, and won high acclaim from the Australian public and its cultural community. 


The Centre has an art gallery, a multifunctional hall, a library, and a training room, totaling 850 square meters. The 2.7m high and 61m long gallery covers 140 square meters, suitable for small and medium-sized exhibitions and events alike. 

The 150 square meters multifunctional hall could host small-scaled performances, seminars, lectures, film screenings, training on Chinese dancing and martial arts, etc. The 100 square meters library features over 7,000 paper books as well as digital collections. There are also two classrooms for learning calligraphy, Chinese traditional painting and music.


The Centre’s annual event list highlights featured exhibitions, performances, the Cultural Week, the Art Month, forums and lectures, and film screening, which have attracted many Australians with intriguing diversity. 

Based in Sydney, the Centre also works closely with cultural and art bodies across Australia, such as the government departments, culture and art institutions, art brokers, art communities and schools.


The Centre offers a variety of quality and affordable courses to Australians, which are on Chinese Language, Chinese folk music, traditional painting and Tai Chi, for no profits but knowledge sharing.Please refer to our website for price, time and booking.


Most of the library’s collection are books in Mandarin, the rest in both Mandarin and English. Topics range from Chinese philosophy, history, modern and contemporary literature, arts and culture to travel and transportation, etc. 

Wired computers are available with access to the Digital Library of China Cultural Centre.

If you would like to collaborate with us, please contact info@cccsydney.org. You are welcomed to be a part of us. 

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