Library Equipment and Facilities

China Cultural Centre in Sydney Library covers approximately 100 square metres, with more than 8400 collections including both Chinese and English resources and materials. The collection consists of books on history, literature, arts, sports, tourism, languages, law, social sciences, Chinese medicine and audio visual products. Five computers are available in the library for readers to access China Cultural Centre digital library and online browsing China related information.
China Cultural Centre in Sydney Library is open for free to the public. All collections and materials in the library are available for browsing within the library and access to computers is free of charge. Visitors can apply for membership at the front desk (membership fees cost $25) and pay a small amount of deposit to borrow books and audiovisual materials for free. Each registered member can borrow up to 2 items for a period of 30 days (and available for 10 days extension). The librarian is responsible for the library lending system, new members details will be recorded in the system. Information and position of each collection and be provided by the librarian via the system. Children under the age of 12 must be under the supervision of a parent or guardian to have access to children’s books and library computers.
Events and activities
To provide educational and cultural exchange platforms for Australian Chinese culture enthusiasts, the centre library regularly hosts a range of activities promoting Chinese culture such as reader forums, reading clubs, writing contests, quiz competitions and online or in person events. The centre welcomes all readers to participate actively on the occasion.
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