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Book Club

1.  Every 23rd of April is the world reading day. The centre plans to host “Reading China Month” series event from April 2021. A theme is decided for each year and a range of activities will be hosted, including online writing and quiz competition with prizes, award ceremony and forums.

2.  Children’s book club
The centre intends to host children reading club on a regular basis to cultivate children’s interest in reading through story telling and pop quiz.

Book Suggestion
A book will be suggested for each month from our extensive library collection, with a different theme each month.
The First “Reading China Month” Event

“Reading China Month – The Shangrila in your heart” plans to be hosted from 22nd April to 20th May 2021. Details are as followed:

1.  Book suggestion: 5 books related to Chinese tourism will be suggested

2.  Online quiz competition (22nd April to 7th May): The online quiz competition will be based on the 5 books suggested and prize will be awarded to winners during the award ceremony.

3.  Writing contest (22nd April to 7th May): Based on your personal travel experiences or from reading the suggested books, write down your journey or book review titled “ The Shangrila in your heart” and submit online.

4.  Award ceremony and forum (20th May): Awards will be presented for writing contest and quiz competition, followed by a forum with snacks and drinks.

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