《Three Hundred Tang Poems》

Compiled by Hengtang Tuishi


The Three Hundred Tang Poems is an anthology of poems from the Tang Dynasty(618–907),a period that is commonly regarded as the golden age of Chinese literature. These roughly three hundred poems were gathered in the eighteenth century into what became one of the best-known books in the world, and which is still cherished in Chinese homes everywhere. Many of China’s most famous poets—Du Fu, Li Bai, Bai Juyi, and Wang Wei—are represented by timeless poems about love, war, the delights of drinking and dancing, and the beauties of nature. There are poems about travel, about grief, about the frustrations of bureaucracy, and about the pleasures and sadness of old age.

Book List:

《The Yellow Storm》

《Fortress Besieged》

Reviews:Full of wisdom and humanity that reach across the barriers of language, space and time, these poems take us to the heart of Chinese poetry, and into the very heart and soul of a nation.
Catalogue:I 222.742
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图书馆编号: I 222.742


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