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05:00 to 06:00
Level 1, 151 Castlereagh Street, Sydney, NSW, Australia


Time & Date: 3pm, 9 December 2015 (Wednesday) 

Venue: China Cultural Centre in Sydney 

Guest Speaker: Jackie Menzies 

Entry: Free 

Booking is essential 

Please RSVP via email to info@cccsydney.org 

Guest speaker Jackie Menzies will be giving an introductory lecture on Chinese Mahayana Buddhism; an exploration of Buddhist deities through popular Buddhism semiotics. Menzies will also illustrate the transformation of the Buddha of the Future Maitreya in detail, and on Bodhisattvas focusing on the difference between Guanyin in China and the Indian original. The talk will also cover the important teachings that the Arhats embody, how Zen was captured by artists through the centuries and the portrayals of Buddhist teachings by different schools of painting.

About the Lecturer
Jackie Menzies OAM was Head of Asian Art at the Art Gallery of New South Wales for over thirty years. In this role she arranged exhibitions of Buddhist art, including the major ‘Buddha, Radiant Awakening’, and lectured on Buddhism and Buddhist Art. She is associated with the Australasian Association of Buddhist Studies (AABS), an Honorary Associate of the University of Sydney, and the former President of The Asian Arts Society of Australia (TAASA).

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