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08:00 to 09:45
Level 1, 151 Castlereagh Street, Sydney, NSW, Australia


Time & Date: 6pm, 22 April 2016

Venue: China Cultural Centre in Sydney

Director: Zhang Meng

Starring: Qinhai Lu, Wang Qianyuan

Entry: Free.

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The Piano in a Factory (Chinese: 钢的琴:一个时代的挽歌) is 2010 Chinese drama film.The film is directed by Zhang Meng (director), and stars Qin Hailu and Wang Qianyuan. It tells the story of a father, Chen Guilin, who works very hard to realize his daughter’s dream of owning a piano. Although Chen encounters a lot of hardships, he never gives up and is always optimistic.

Set in the 1990s, laid-off worker Chen Guilin was betrayed by his wife, who remarried a rich business man who has much more money than him. The condition for the custody of their daughter is to give their daughter a piano. Chen tries all means to borrow money from his friends, even attempting to steal a piano, but all his attempts fail. Despite these challenges, Chen always maintains an optimistic outlook. Finally, he decides to produce a piano with his friends.

The group eventually produce a piano which is made of steel. He also organizes a band to make a living and use his wisdom to create a life which is full of sound and color. 

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