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Level 1, 151 Castlereagh Street, Sydney, NSW, Australia

FROM 31-03-17 TO 29-04-17

Containing two main exhibitions, four forums and a plethora of associated events, Chinese Contemporary Art Month, following its successful inauguration last year and serving as the highlight and signature event of China Cultural Centre’s 2017 calendar, seeks to deliver a panoramic picture of Chinese contemporary art through an interdisciplinary lens, facilitating constructive communication and exchange of ideas between Chinese and Australian contemporary artists, collectors, curators and creative industry professionals at large. 

Hosted by:
China Cultural Centre (Sydney)
Sydney College of the Arts
Art Nova 100 

Supported by:
Australia-China Cultural Exchange Association
Beijing Culture and Arts Fund
Mingtai Culture
Chinese Modern & Contemporary Art Document (CCAD)
Nan Hai Culture & Media (Australia) Pty Ltd.

Main Exhibitions:

Image credit: Ren Lun, The nature of video art, 2016

The World Is Not Flat – Chinese Contemporary Video Art 

Inspired by themes explored in the Thomas L. Friedman bestseller The World is Flat (2005), this unique exhibition covers a wide variety of concepts including poetry expression, virtual creativity, idealism and speculative realism, and aims to break prejudiced ideas of the world through visually reconstructing the space and environment we live in.

Featured artists include Bai Lei, Bai Qingwen, Cai Yuanhe, Cui Yanbin, Feng Wei, Geng Xue, Li Tintin, Liang Hao, Liu Qianyi, Peng Yun, Ren Lun, Song Xi, Tian Xiaolei, Wang Ruihan and Yan Junjie.

Curated by:
Chen Lin, Liu Yiping
Time & Date:
10am – 1pm & 2pm – 5pm, Tuesday – Saturday, 31 March – 29 April 2017 (except 14, 15, 25 April)
China Cultural Centre (Sydney)
Entry: Free 

Image credit: Xie Tianzhuo, Pian Men, 2016

Centripetal Force – Four Dimensions of Chinese Contemporary Artists 

In the face of the changes in social and art environment in China, recent observation and research of Chinese emerging artists have noticed that Chinese emerging artists have been undertaking new attempts and making new breakthroughs on the level of form, medium and underlying concepts. Accompanied by the concurrent shift of mentality in art creation, Chinese emerging artists are also disposed to focus on their own inner world as opposed to the grand social narratives.

Based on this major change of artistic inclination, “Centripetal Force: Four Dimensions of China’s Emerging Artists” seeks to provide interpretations of the economy and culture of contemporary Chinese society by virtue of the exhibited items, with the aim of displaying an updated, comprehensive image of and achievements made by Chinese emerging artists.

Participating artists include: Cheng Baozhong, Chi Qun, Feng Yichen, Hao Shiming, Kang Chunhui, Peng Yong, Su Yi, Sun Hao, Wang Min, Wang Qifan, Xie Tianzhuo, Xu Hongxiang, Zhu Peihong, ZhuoMian Art.

Curated by: Jerry Song
Time & Date: 11am – 5pm, Monday – Friday, 11am to 4pm, Saturday, 31 March – 29 April 2017 (except 14, 15, 17, 25 April)
Venue: SCA Galleries
Entry: Free 

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