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FROM 28-07-17 TO 29-08-17

Intangible cultural heritage serves as a crucial contributor in maintaining cultural diversity and promoting intercultural dialogue in the face of growing globalization. The significance of intangible cultural heritage lies not only in the cultural manifestation itself, but more importantly in the social and economic values of the inheritance of knowledge and experience through it from one generation to the descendants throughout human history. 

As a country with a long history and abundant culture, China has a vast variety of intangible cultural heritage, including 39 items inscribed on the UNESCO lists and over 1375 on the national lists by the end of 2016. 

Containing two exhibitions, two lectures, one performance and two special events, China Intangible Cultural Heritage Weeks seeks to deliver a selective display of the intangible cultural heritage in China, ranging from the world renowned Chinese characters and calligraphy, and traditional Chinese medicine theory, to the melody of the imperial bells. 

Part One:  Inheritance 

Memories in Oracle Bone Script 

This exhibition provides a unique space filled with an exquisite selection of oracle bone script replicas and stone rubbings, a collection of the vivid simulation models of historical artefacts related to the oracle bone script such as the bronze ware and ornaments, together with the beautifully illustrated exhibition boards and the multimedia and interactive visual display. 

Focusing on the origin and evolution of Chinese characters, this award winning exhibition is touring to Sydney for the first time, seeking to provide the Australian audience with an easy way to understand the oracle bone script of ancient China, the evolution of Chinese characters and the inheritance and development of Chinese culture through the characters and ways of writing. 

Part Two: Innovation 

Chinese Characters Code – NICE Choice Cultural Creative Products 

Chinese characters are the representative of pictographic characters in the world. With thousands of years of evolution, the gradual integration of the image and the meaning makes the everyday written Chinese characters come into shape. Chinese characters could be seen in our daily life in the forms of calligraphy, seal cutting, painting, printing, and now become well known to the world as a symbol of oriental culture and a totem of the ancient civilizations. 

Through an extensive display of more than 30 pieces of selected cultural creative products, this part of the exhibition aims to provide interpretations of the innovative application of Chinese characters in a contemporary context. The creative designs and practical values of these works will help the audience to understand and appreciate Chinese characters from a unique and engaging angle. 

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