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FROM 24-09-19 TO 26-09-19

This “Chinese Gourmet – Beijing Fine Food Workshop” mainly focuses on Beijing cuisine. With the special status as the capital city, Beijing has gathered the great achievements of the Chinese cooking techniques, and the cooking in Beijing is also absorbing the essence of various regions constantly. Beijing cuisine combines the excellent cooking techniques of various major cooking styles, royal court cuisine and official cuisine, where the ethnic cuisines of the various flavors blend together and the palace-style cuisines are carried forward, thus, it has become a kind of unique cooking style in the Chinese national food system.

“Chinese Gourmet – Beijing Fine Food Workshop” will be held at Beijing Impression Restaurant from September 25 to September 27 2019. On September 25 and 26, two teaching exchanges will be held to teach and to present the cultural heritage and cultural charm of Beijing cuisine in depth with the three classic Beijing dishes (i.e. Kung Fu fried croquettes, three “non-stick” sweets and braised prawns as a case) and through such teaching links as food culture explanation, food production teaching, key skill analysis, food tasting, teaching, Q&A and exchange.

Date and time: Wednesday, 25 September 2019, 10:30am
Thursday, 26 September 2019, 15:30pm 
Venue: Beijing Impression Restaurant, Level 3, 9-13 Hay street, Haymarket
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