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A Taste of China- Chinese New Year Gourmet Workshop


Chinese New Year Gourmet Worshop

The Spring Festival is the most grand traditional festival in China with the most spectacular sceneries and the most exquisite food. “Taste of China”-The Spring Festival Food Workshop chooses the four major cuisine birthplaces in Beijing, Huaiyang, Guangzhou, and Sichuan. By introducing the Spring Festival food from various places, it combines the scenery, historical relics, cultural stories and Spring Festival customs behind the food. Showcasing the essence of Chinese food culture “exquisite skills, elegant taste, exquisite beauty, harmonious nature”, highlighting the cultural connotation and charm of the Chinese New Year.

 Through the display of the four major cuisines New Year’s Eve dinner, online teaching and training of special dishes, and experience interactive links, overseas audiences can start production through video offline, forming a new pattern of online interaction and offline experience.

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