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Golden Cudgel- 3D Acrobatics Show

3D 杂技剧《金箍棒》

3D Acrobatic Show: Golden Cudgel 

The 3D acrobatics show “Golden Cudgel” is the first large-scale original 3D magical acrobatics show in China jointly created by Nanjing Acrobatic Troupe in cooperation with the Chinese Tiger Image and Huawu Culture.

The naked-eye 3D technology is organically combined with the performances and drama stories of stage actors, presenting the story of the golden cudgel after Monkey King was crushed under the Wuzhi Mountain, looking for a boy who is destined to teach martial arts and jointly fight against evil demons.

The stage application of 3D technology not only presents the agile and magical scenery of Huaguoshan, the exquisite scenery of the East China Sea Dragon Palace, and the mythological scene of the magic fairy, but the amazing acrobatic performances provided more of a magical artistic experience.


A long time ago, the world was in chaos, and evil was everywhere. In order to eradicate the devil, the Golden Cudgel chose a brave and kind little boy to go to Huaguo Mountain to practice martial arts with the Drunken Monkey family.

In the Undersea Dragon Palace, the Golden Cudgel was ambushed by the devil and was unfortunately captured. With the martial arts he learned, the little boy led the crowd to fight heroically with the devil and eventually defeated the devil.

Peace is restored to the world, and the little boy lives happily ever after with everyone.

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