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Art exhibition AIR WATER LOVE illustrated by cross-cultural women unveiled in Sydney

On 4 March ,an art exhibition featuring narratives of nature and love by cross-cultural women was unveiled in Sydney. The exhibition, held by the China Cultural Center in Sydney, presents 15 contemporary art works about water, air and love by eight Australian and Chinese Australian female artists. In the form of painting, photography, video or sculpture, the artists share their understandings about the world and the importance of environmental sustainability.

The audience having a discussion on the exhibition

“It’s wonderful to come together with other artists from different cultural backgrounds. My own background is from a migrant family, refugee family. And it often impacts and informs the way I think about my place here,” one of the artists Anne Zahalka Said

Guests enjoyed Zahalka's works

As a photo media artist, Zahalka has exhibited extensively in Australia and internationally for over 30 years and has held over 40 solo exhibitions. She brought three pictures to the Sydney show combining the images of industrialized cities and wild animals, displaying her reflections on the changing relationship between people and the nature.

Nicolas Tsoutas giving a speech

The art exhibition held in Sydney is also an event to mark the upcoming International Women’s Day on March 8. “This exhibition is about creating invaluable dialogues between women of different cultures, empowering women to voice their concerns in relations to the environment and to think differently in offering different solutions,” said curator Nicolas Tsoutas.

Director Xiao giving welcome speech

Xiao Xiayong, director of the China Cultural Center in Sydney, said the center hopes the exhibition can remind people of the importance of ecosystems and how much people rely on them while helping deepen cultural exchanges and cooperation between China and Australia.

The exhibition will be on display at the Centre until 29 April, 2021.

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