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Wisdom of Buddhism Lecture Series

China Cultural Centre is honored to hold the monthly “Wisdom of Buddhism Lecture Series” from June 2021, led by Venerable Ban Ruo Shi, the chairman of the Australia-China Buddhist Council, the abbot of the Prajna Monastery. This series will interpret the origins of Chinese Buddhism and the fundamental views of Buddhism on the community of life and human destiny, call for deep thoughts about the practical significance and contemporary value of Buddhist culture, and promote traditional cultural exchanges and mutual learning between China and Australia.

Topic 1: Buddhism and Multiculturalism

Buddhism has interacted with all levels of Chinese culture such as religions, philosophy, arts, etiquette and customs. As a result, Buddhism has successfully integrated into the traditional Chinese culture and has become one of the three pillars. Buddhist culture is rich in the wisdom of life, which is the most precious spiritual wealth that people need today.

It is widely believed by the people who follow Buddhism that a single seed may turn into a forest, and a concept can heal a lost soul. In the same way, a lecture full of Buddhist wisdom will sow countless seeds of hope and peace.

We are honored to have with us Venerable Prajna, to hold the “Chinese Culture and Wisdom of Buddhism ” seminars. He is the chairman of the Australia-China Buddhist Council, and the abbot of the Prajna Monastery. He has been promoting Dharma in Australia for more than 26 years through charity activities, and infects Australians with Chinese Buddhist culture and the charm of multiculturalism.

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