The “2023 Yellow River Tourism Overseas Promotion Season” feature exhibition organized by China Cultural Centre in Sydney, China National Tourist Office in Sydney, Network of International Culturallink Entities and nine provinces and regions along the Yellow River will be launched on the official websites and social media platforms of China Cultural Centre and China National Tourist Office in Sydney on 4th August, telling the beautiful cultural stories and introducing the diverse tourism resources of the Yellow River, and highlighting the achievements in ecological conservation and sustainable development of the Yellow River Basin. The launching ceremony of the “2023 Yellow River Tourism Overseas Promotion Season” and the Foreign Language Edition of the Yellow River Cultural Travel Routes have been successfully held in Yuncheng City of Shanxi Province.


The Yellow River flows through 9 provinces and regions in China including Qinghai, Sichuan, Gansu, Ningxia, Inner Mongolia, Shanxi, Shanxi, Henan, and Shandong. For thousands of year, the Yellow River running winding and roaring the Chinese landscape have left behind the magnificent beauty and long history and culture and nurtured the profound and splendid Chinese civilisation. Many representative Neolithic cultural relics, such as the Majiayao Culture, Qijia Culture, and the Yangshao Culture, discovered in the Yellow River Basin, have constituted the earliest cultural forms of Chinese civilisation. As the mother river of China, the Yellow River spans the northern part of China, running for thousands of miles, with diverse and beautiful scenery along the way. The combination of natural landscapes and historical cultural heritages form its most charming tourism resources. You will experience and witness the majestic plateau, vast plains, steep mountains and rivers, boundless fertile fields, and spectacular waterfalls in the Yellow River Basin.


On 17th July 2023, the Chinese government officially issued “The Yellow River National Cultural Park Construction and Conservation Plan” to coordinately promote the implementation of the “Yellow River National Cultural Park” key project and protect and carry the Yellow River culture forward. The online exhibition, with the theme of “Explore the Yellow River, Discover Beautiful China”, focuses on cultural heritage and tourism resources along the Yellow River and presents “Discover the Beauty of the Yellow River” video exhibition, “Explore the Yellow River, Discover Beautiful China” photo exhibition, as well as the display of cultural and tourism resources of the nine provinces and regions along the Yellow River, highlighting the unique charm and cultural depth of the Yellow River tourism. The audiences will be able to not only appreciate the profound cultural evolvement, poetic landscapes, and unique scenery of the Yellow River Basin, but also understand the distinctive creations, values, and characteristics of the Chinese culture.

The documentary The Great Yellow River Delta uses the lens language rich in oriental aesthetics to show the unique charm and natural beauty of the Yellow River Delta, find out the logic behind the biodiversity of this land, and tells the stories panoramically of how the world’s endangered and protected birds such as the Oriental storks, red-crowned cranes and Saunders’s gulls survive and inhabit at the Great Delta.


The Great Yellow River Delta

By tracing the typical inheritors of folk songs in the upper, middle and lower reaches of the Yellow River, the documentary visually presents folk song schools and expression styles across the nine provinces and autonomous regions along the Yellow River. Based on the relationship between people and space, the documentary attempts to explore the value of existence, survival dilemma, significance of inheritance and thinking on development of folk songs carrying the spirit of the Yellow River culture in the rich and diverse contemporary cultural environment and civilization context. This is to arouse the attention of the younger generation to the Yellow River culture represented by folk songs and even the excellent traditional culture of China as a whole. Through the twists and turns of the true stories of folk songs on both sides of the Yellow River, it expresses the spirit of openness and inclusiveness of the Yellow River culture and the commitment to the welfare of the world. It deals with the integration of the development of the Yellow River culture represented by folk songs into the overall process of China’s regional development today, examines the role of human nature in the social mission, and transforms the sense of ownership into the responsibilities for family and country. In the documentary, the creative transformation and innovative development of excellent traditional culture echo the development of the core values of socialism with Chinese characteristics, showing the glorious image of the sons and daughters growing up at the banks of the Yellow River and celebrating the great achievements in present-day China.


Sing along the Yellow River

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