Anne Graham
2021 A dialogue between Chinese and Australian women artists


Anne Graham has exhibited in many curated exhibitions and created major site specific artworks nationally and internationally. She has worked extensively in China, Japan, Sweden and France undertaking many commissions and residencies. She exhibited extensively with the local artist groups in the Blue Mountain regions.

Anne Graham’s work, The Gardens of Stone was inspired by the place she lives in and places she’s been to, including China, where she was inspired by landscape art.

The indigenous history of Lithgow’s Lost City, the Pagoda city dates back to at least 1100 years, and each of the 9 units represent a part on the map of the pagoda city with accurate portrayal of the river.

Lithgow’s lost city, the pagoda city of which the work is based, is collapsing as tunnels built for mining cases water from swamps and rivers to drain out. The artwork is hand made from recycled woolen blankets she purchased from opportunity shops from the blue mountains.

 The work reuses rubbish from our affluent society, and reminds us we are replacing natural sustainable materials with things like plastic which are more damaging to the environment. “The landscape is beginning to die” says Graham, but she aims to bring hope and awareness to the society so we can take it onboard and respond to these environmental issues. Referring to her upcoming work, Graham says “I think the next one is going to be bigger!”.

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