Anne Zahalka
2021 A dialogue between Chinese and Australian women artists


Anne Zahalka is a photo-media artist whose practice addresses environmental concerns and the ecological disasters unfolding globally and in her country. In the Wild Life in the Age of the Anthropocene series, Zahalka re-imagines early Indian dioramas from the Natural History Museum, Mumbai, to mark out unsettling ethical and environmental issues.


She has exhibited extensively in Australia and internationally for over 30 years and has held over 40 solo exhibitions.

Her work was created during a visit to Mumbai, India. These work touches on climate change, impact of the environment and land clearing which all had a dramatic effect on these landscapes. She reflects on the changing relationships that exist between people and the natural world. Working with conservationists, scientists, curators and photographers, she incorporates new data to set out alternative ways of seeing the landscape and the damage that has been wreaked on it.

Besides Anne’s practice of photo media, her work also involves analog film and portraiture, she likes to challenging the stereotype, representing the figures that speaks about the Australian identity, and as well as from a migrant perspective like herself.

These works are printed on canvas, pigment ink, melding photography with painting and together to create a story that she wants to represent to the audience. The images that she superimposed on the background of the artworks were taken by Anne herself, and she always make them look cohesive with other elements such as the taxidermy animals and the dioramas.

Thus, Anne’s inspirations often come from traveling, which is one of the most important parts of her work, and this is where she collects a lot of photos and thought through of the work that she wants to create, also research about relevant fields. Overall, Anne hopes that her work will help people to understand the impact we put on the landscapes, and now is the time to raise this awareness to the general public.  

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