Bingbing Chen
2021 A dialogue between Chinese and Australian women artists


Bingbing came from China and has been living in Australia for the last 16 years.She travel often between China and Australia. She gets a lot of inspiration by focusing on the differences of the Chinese and Western culture, thoughts pop up automatically when you’re learning about cultural differences, doubts, uncertainties and the desire of the unknown…

The creation and production of “Zen” is an interesting and healing process, and she knew that the books would have to go through their new journey. The birth of “Zen” meant that the old books have been given a new life, new meaning and inherited a new idea, which also reflects Bingbing’s personal thoughts.

On the edge of each circle is the shape of a gear, like a set of pendulum gears, driving the rotation of time, and revealing the relationship between people, they are placed in the form of a Buddhist pilgrimage, each circle is different, and can present a lotus-like opening and closing, like the growth of an individual and the interconnection of a group. Her focus is on rebuild, redesign, rebirth of materials during the process of recycle.

The work “continuation ” is a combination of lines in the form of mountains. In Ancient China, there was an old saying“open the door, you see mountains”, it meant that we should be direct, sincere and open towards each other, instead of going circles and have people guessing what our real intentions are.

That way, people will be more connected and united.Our environment is constantly giving us lessons and questions, it’s calling us to treat our planet and environment in the right way, or we will have to pay heavy price.

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