2021 A dialogue between Chinese and Australian women artists


Hong Li graduated from Beijing Central Fine arts Institute in 1984, she also obtained a masters in art in Sydney University in 2007.

The world impact from 2019-20 bushfires and the pandemic of COVID-19 has made Hong Li contemplate that clean air and clean water is insufficient to resolve these issues, love should be the main focus.

The artwork, Air Water Love, is made of five painted canvas placed in a circle, she painted thin and thick lines that represent the freedom and movements of air and water. Her last year captures the overlays of air and a snapshot of its movements, but this year she wants to represent the bigger picture of the cycle of air and landscapes of the earth.

“Mobility is constrained for us, especially during lockdown, so love should leap over race, ideology mountains, across oceans to connect us.”, says Li Hong. Each of the five panels represents a part of us and together we face the environmental issues all around the globe. Using the pandemic for example, no matter how well controlled one region is, the control of another region is not as great. As an artist Li wishes to convey the importance of love, and jointly humanity is able to make earth a safer place. Li experimented with sculptural painting in her work “Light”, allowing viewers to see the work from different angles and for viewers to make their own judgement of the work.

With Light, Li wishes to bring hope, and light to our current situation. “I hope our air becomes cleaner, water becomes cleaner, and across all races, ideologies and regions, we are able to advance together to improve our environment and thus our lives.”, says Li.

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