Maddison Gibbs
2021 A dialogue between Chinese and Australian women artists


When our voices are censored, our spirits make noise, is a feminist perspective and performance of cultural practice. Aboriginal female protector spirits that are drawn from our mother.

When our voices are censored, our spirits make noise, responding to Aboriginal female protector spirits in the country. The Australian landscape is synonymous with fire and regeneration. Seeds from native plants are activated after the heat of fire.

The burning onto our mother (earth) is releasing the spirits and regenerating for the next generation/creation. The cycle is a continuation of culture and act of life giving. The contested landscapes since colonisation still burn today.

 Our spirits and people can not rest until the contested social landscapes are redressed. The sovereignty fire must keep burning.

I acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the country throughout Australia, the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island people and their continuing connection to land, waters and culture. I respect all living things. I acknowledge, respect and care for the land on which I live, play, work and create. Always Was Always Will be.

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