Noelene Lucas
2021 A dialogue between Chinese and Australian women artists


Noelene has been Living in Sydney for the past 30 years, but originally from Melbourne and she started art school in Western Sydney university. Her art practices has always consist of sculptures, installations, objects and space rather than a single object. Art Installation offered lots of possibilities to Noelene compare to a single sculpture as it would comment things like the environment, because people were installing artworks in the landscape which is an advantage to the artists. She said that the most formative thing in her artwork was the woman’s movement when they became very big in Australia in the late 70s while she’s an art student.

Later on in her career, she shifted from sculptures to video arts for the last 20 years. When her mother got ill in the late 90s, she had to find another way to make art as she’s traveling frequently between Sydney and Melbourne, that was the birthplace for her video arts and starting to play a major role of her art career.

As she stated last in the video that “life will draw you away from art continually, especially for young women artists, and you need to develop an internal strength to make art”.

Strength means planning and taking actions such as “I need to be at the studio around XX o’clock, even I don’t have anything particular to do”, self discipline plays a critical role in one’s art life.

 For her, it was video arts that put her back on track. Watch the video to hear about Noelene’s personal story in China and more on her art practices.

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