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China Cultural Centre in Sydney Celebrates the Fun of Hanika

On 26 May, at the invitation of China Culture Centre in Sydney, Mei Su presented a fun “Hanika” workshop to the local kids and parents. Mei is an inheritor of the folk art “Hanika”, the art of paper-doll making, invented by the ethnic Daurs living in Inner Mongolia.

Introducing the “Hanika” workshop, as well as many other cultural activities, China Cultural Centre in Sydney aims to turn into a cultural experience centre for the local community, allowing local kids to experience the fun and fascination of Chinese culture through participation and interaction.

From 23 to 25 July, the Centre brought the “Hanika” workshop to seven Sydney public schools, mesmerising local classrooms with the charm of Chinese culture. According to officials from one of the schools: “China Culture Centre really does a good job of diversifying our students’ learning experience and expanding their scope of knowledge. These workshops have given students a deeper insight into Australian multiculturalism.”

Hanika is a traditional paper doll for Daur girls in Inner Mongolia. The process of making Hanika often involves paper cutting, crafting and decorating using coloured paper, which can develop children’s crafting skills, creativity and innovation.  

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