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Sydney’s Audience Drawn to Life Nourishing Methods in Traditional Chinese Medicine

Invited by the China Cultural Centre in Sydney, Vice President Wang Qinghai and chief physician Qin Min from Guangdong No. 2 Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, gave two lectures on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) at the Centre on December 3, taking Sydney’s audience on a magical journey of TCM.

Professor Wang’s talk, titled ‘nourishing life on a daily basis’ began with introducing Yin-Yang balance, a fundamental theory of TCM, and summarized three key methods to nourishing life: preventing ‘foreign invasion’, resolving ‘internal troubles’, and cultivating ‘jing’ (essence) and ‘qi’ (vital energy). The audiences were fascinated by everyday knowledge about stress management and food treatment in traditional Chinese health preservation.

In his presentation titled ‘Chinese acupuncture and Baduanjin Qigong’, Professor Qin Min explained principles of Chinese acupuncture in simple terms, stressed on the holistic approach of TCM treatment, and shared two case studies featuring acupuncture treatment for cerebral palsy in children and chloasma in women. Professor Qin’s acupuncture technique is called ‘Qin’s flying needle’, where a needle ‘flies’ into the skin without causing pain in patients because of high speed. The audience expressed great interest in trying ‘flying needles’ after the lecture. Professor Qin also taught the audience four movements from Baduanjin Qigong, an easy-to-learn exercise of keeping fit .

These lectures on traditional Chinese health preservation were co-hosted by China Cultural Centre in Sydney and HEALTHPAC Medical Centre, with strong support from the Department of Culture of Guangdong Province. At HEALTHPAC Medical Centre, Professor Wang and Professor Qin also gave two additional lectures on current TCM treatments for hypertension and acupuncture in managing complex internal diseases. 

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