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Heavenly Sound from China’s Grasslands Echoed in Marsden High School

As an important part of the upcoming ‘Inner Mongolia Culture Week in Australia’, the Inner-Mongolia A Cappella Youth Choir presented a well-applauded exchange performance at Marsden High School, in front of 500 students and staff.

The performance, entitled The Beautiful Prairie, My Sweet Home, which saw 30 members singing Mongolian folk songs, included such repertoires as Lord Genghis Khan, Four Seas and Ode to Horses. The teachers and students present were thrilled by performance of the cheerful carols ‘Sing Noel’ and Australian folk song ‘Waltzing Matilda’. The Marsden School Chorus also sang two songs for the Inner-Mongolia A Cappella Youth Choir, making everyone feel much at home.

Gus Vrolyk, Principal of Marsden High School, was amazed at the performance by the Inner-Mongolia A Cappella Youth Choir, saying that as the school advocates multiculturalism, their visit had brought a good opportunity for the students to understand Chinese arts. He also looked forward to more cooperation with the China Cultural Centre in Sydney in the future to introduce excellent culture and arts to the students.

As told by members of the school chorus, the beautiful harmonies made them feel as if they saw the vast Inner Mongolia grasslands and hospitable people there. 

Long tune, Khoomei and horse-head fiddle are three features of Mongolian music, where long tune and Khoomei have been inscribed into the list of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO. These features were fully demonstrated in the performance. Among them was Holy Lance performed by Zhamuqi Group using the singing technique called ‘Khoomei’, a type of consummate polyphonic singing in which the singer sings both low and high keys simultaneously by tightening the throat. The performance won a standing applause from the teachers and students.

As the wrap-up of the one-year cooperation between the China Cultural Centre in Sydney and Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Inner Mongolia Culture Week in Australia aims at presenting the prairie culture in an all-dimensional and multi-angle way through visual and performing arts, and exhibitions of intangible cultural heritage, and at introducing the passion, openness and enthusiasm of people in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region to the Australian public. On December 12, the Inner-Mongolia A Cappella Youth Choir performed at City Recital Hall in Sydney. 

Inner Mongolia Culture Week in Australia was co-hosted by the Ministry of Culture of China and the People’s Government of Inner-Mongolia, and supported by the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Australia and the Consulate General of the People’s Republic of China in Sydney.

Sydney Correspondent of people.com.cn covered the event and interviewed Zhao Li, the director of China Cultural Center in Sydney, the principal of Marsden High School, the Director of the Inner-Mongolia A Cappella Youth Choir and the students. In addition, Australia’s SBS radio reporter conducted a telephone interview with members of the choir. 

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