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Australia China Co-Production Forum creates new opportunities for the film industry

The 2015 Australia China Co-production Forum took place on November 23rd at Fox Studios Australia in Sydney. Hosted by the International Chinese Film Festival (ICFF), the Australian Screen Association (ASA), the Motion Picture Association (MPA) and China Cultural Center in Sydney, the Forum was attended by Chinese and Australian representatives from the film industry, as well as producers, directors, production/post-production and visual effect companies, with a total turnout of approximately 200 people.

This year’s Forum incorporates two panels. The first is focused on developing high-value IP in Australian-Chinese co-productions, and the second is focused on Australian post-production and VFX capabilities and the contribution these services can make to Australian-Chinese co-productions.

“As one of the co-hosts, we hope to help create more cooperative opportunities and co-produced films between China and Australia, deepening mutual understanding and enhancing friendship between two peoples by means of exchanging cultural values that are shown and reflected through films”, said Mrs. Zhao Li, Director of China Cultural Centre in Sydney.

Mrs. Zhao shares a high regard for Australia’s advanced technology, as well as experience and services in post-production around the world, saying: “China and Australia have already had cooperation in these fields. We look forward to seeing Australian directors and filmmakers present worldwide audiences with Chinese-story-and-theme based co-produced films”.

This year’s Forum is aimed at establishing strong relationships between the Australian and Chinese film industries, expanding on topics such as the purpose and significance of the Forum, the current development status of the Chinese film industry, and the co-production status since the China Australia Co-production Agreement became effective.

Intellectual property was another heated topic during the Forum. Participating guest speakers An Xiaofen, CEO of Desen International Media Co.,Ltd, and Lu Wei, producer of Monkey King: Hero Is Back, also put forward their views on how to create high value IP in China and Australia film co-production, as well as how to analyse the Chinese film market and its audience, and how to achieve a successful marketing experience based on recent facts and statistics.

Joined by renowned Australian film and production companies Deluxe Australia, Animal Logic, and Plastic Wax, the forum continued its second panel by inviting panel representatives to discuss Australia’s advantage in post-production as well as visual effects, with the hope of further cooperation with the Chinese film industry.

The highlight of the Forum was the promotion of Chinese film makers’ co-production projects, with many seeking to establish cooperative opportunities with Australian film makers and investors in regards to the areas of filming, post-production and visual effects.

Colleen Champ, Program Manager of Screen Australia Producer Offset and Co-production, highly commended the event, saying, “The Forum creates new opportunities for Australia China film co-production”.

Famous Chinese-Australian director, Pauline Chen, also stated that the most important part of film co-production is to find the right “partner”. She believed that the Forum provided a rare chance for communication and exchange between Chinese and Australian film industries, and opened up a promising future for co-production between the two countries.

This year’s Forum received generous support from Screen Australia, Film NSW, Australian Directors Guild, Screen Producers Australia and the China Film Co-Production Corporation.  

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