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08:00 to 09:10


An art world where bodies talk,
A logical relation related to every one of us,
A character methodology interpreted by bodies,
A review and exploration of real life in modern society… 

A premiere of contemporary dance and rap music like no other, co-produced by Sichuan Contemporary Dance Company and Tianfu Music rap group.

Sichuan Contemporary Dance Company 

Founded in July, 2014, it is affiliated to Sichuan Sing & Dance Troupe Co., Ltd. As a professional artistic performance organization engaged in the creation, performance and exchange of contemporary dance, it is staffed with 15 people, and Jin Xing, the universally acclaimed contemporary dance artist, holds the post of Artistic Director. Based on the inheritance of traditional culture, it plays an active role in the invigoration of Chinese modern and contemporary stage.

Tianfu Music 

Founded in 2015, Tianfu Music is an emerging rap group that has accumulated huge popularity and attracted vast media attention both domestically and internationally through their original rap music works. Written and performed in English, their works incorporate traditional local cultural elements and the expression of pop culture, seeking to showcase the present outlook of the young generation of China.

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26 September 2017 |Wesley Conference Centre | SYDNEY | Book tickets here

28 September 2017 | Box Hill Town Hall | MELBOURNE | Book ticket via phone 03 9608 8288

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