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Sichuan Contemporary Art Exhibition adds creative charm to Sydney

China Cultural Centre in Sydney was a hive of activity on the afternoon of 9 September 2017 as the exhibition titled “Creative Island – Sichuan Visual and Creative Art” exhibition threw open its doors. Through juxtapositions of a lineup of Chinese contemporary artist’ prints and cultural and creative products, this exhibition is a fresh approach to showcase how art and its related cultural and creative products make themselves fun part of life and how contemporary art originates from life and merges into life at last. 

Director of Australia-china Institute For Arts And Culture Professor Jocelyn Chey, Janet Clayton, Gallery Director of her eponymous gallery, Associate Professor in the School of Asian Studies at the University of Sydney Dr Mabel Lee, and other honoured guests attended the ceremony.

“It is very exciting for China Cultural Centre (Sydney) with Sichuan province to jointly present this year the best part of the Sichuan culture to Australia. Creative Island: Sichuan Visual and Creative Art, provides the unique opportunity for us to get a close look at some of the most representative contemporary art in Sichuan. By showcasing a selected collection of the famous artists’ prints, modern lacquer and creative daily necessities from Chengdu Blue Roof Museum, this exhibition is a direct miniature of the development of cultural and creative industry in Sichuan and China.” Mme Zhao Li, Director of China Cultural Centre in Sydney announced the opening and addressed to all the participants.

Professor Jocelyn Chey mentioned in her remark that “Creativity is vital, it’s the breath of life. In this exhibition, you can see how the creativity of the artists is based on the traditional art of past masters, that involved preserving their own culture and also developing it in a creative way.” She added “People that live on Islands are generally open to new ideas. These new ideas feed their creativity.”

Ms Janet Clayton congratulated the opening of the exhibition. She said “There are many ways of incorporating art into daily life. The creative industry provides a bridge for the artists and the broader community to convert the unique art product into multiple art products.” She pointed out that “The products represented in today’s exhibition, sustainability is the key. Not only these products achieved sustainability by the quality of input, but also by the fact that they are exquisitely beautiful.”

“A group of Sichuan based artists, represented by the Blue Roof Art Zone, have been playing significant roles in the development of Chinese contemporary art.” said Curator of the exhibition Mr Ding Fenqi. “I’m pleased to see the creative and cultural industry in China to grow, to change and the increasingly dynamic international communications.” he added. 

This exhibition continues to September 28, 2017.

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