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“WHOSE Story is this?…anyway!” – A dialogue between Chinese and Australian women artists

The exhibition “Whose story is this?…anyway!” – A dialogue between Chinese and Australian women artists has officially completed its art installation in China Cultural Centre Sydney on March 23rd 2020, this exhibition was organised by a well-known Australian curator and China Cultural Centre in Sydney. As to promote the communication and dialogue between the Chinese and Australian women artists, focus on their achievements in the cultural and art industry. 

China Cultural Centre in Sydney invited a well-known Australian curator Nicholas Tsoutas and Chinese Australian woman artist Hong Li to be the curators for this exhibition. The exhibition includes artworks of Chinese Australian women artists Lindy LEE, Hong LI, Lan WANG and Australian women artists Browyn BANCROFT, Eugenia RASKOPOULOS and Nike SAVVAS. There are around 20 pieces of artworks in various forms for the exhibition, such as painting, sculptures, video and photography. It is to emphasise the hard work and the high spirits of women artists who have attempted to the reconstruction and the change of contemporary arts.

The director of China Cultural Centre Sydney Mr. Xiao Xia Yong indicates that the 6 women artists have brought in different artistic styles which are incredibly beautiful, unique and meaningful. We have learned mutual respects, cross cultural artworks and communications through these artworks. It allows us to broaden our horizons, understand different perspectives and acquire new inspirations from these beautifully crafted artworks.

However due to the spread of COVID-19 in Australia, China Cultural Centre in Sydney has suspended the opening ceremony and discussion forum for this exhibition as to avoid public gathering and cross infections. But the centre will implement a “cloud recording mode” to promote the exhibition online, that includes the official website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and WeChat official account. A similar photo exhibition will be posted online for audiences who are interested. Once we have overcome this special period of time, “WHOSE story is this?…anyway!” will meet you offline in our centre officially!

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