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Level 1, 151 Castlereagh Street, Sydney, NSW, Australia 

FROM 26-03-20 TO 30-04-20

Words from the Director
Coincided with International Women’s day in March, the Chinese Cultural Centre in Sydney now presents a contemporary art exhibition, “WHOSE STORY IS THIS?…anyway! —— A dialogue between Chinese and Australian women artists”, curated by LI Hong and mentored by Nicholas TSOUTAS, as a way of showing the female artists’ remarkable achievements in the field of art, and also to strengthen the China-Australia culture exchange. 

My sincere gratitude towards the 6 female artists for providing such fascinatingly beautiful yet stylistically diverse masterpieces. The works reflect the invaluable contributions and positive efforts made by women artists from China and Australia. 

By hosting this exhibition, I hope it can increase awareness and appreciation of women’s multiple roles and contributions, particularly in social and cultural spheres in the contemporary age, as well as provide a platform which enhance dialogue and co-operation between peoples from two countries in terms of art and culture. 

Best wishes for 2020, 

Xiao Xia Yong, 

Director of China Cultural Centre Sydney


Exhibition Poster

Front Door

Entry Overview

Central Room Overview

eugenia RASKOPOULOS- weshouldallefemist, 2020

bronwyn BANCROFT- Paradox Of Inequality, 2011

browny BANCROFT- From the Hands of My Ancestors (series 8)

browny BANCROFT- From The Hands of My Ancestors (series 8)

lindy LEE- Longing For Wholeness and Redemption#4, 2018

lindy LEE- Homeless…#3 , 2018

lindy LEE- Dragon of Fierce Intent, 2019

hong LI- Shadows In The Wind 3, 2019

hong LI- Shadows In The Wind 1, 2019

hong LI- Shadows In The Wind 2, 2019

eugenia RASKOPOULOS- rootreroot, 2016

eugenia RASKOPOULOS – diglossia #7, 2009

nike SAVVAS- Zero To Infinity, 2003

nike SAVVAS- ‘Song To the Siren’ 2019

nike SAVVAS- Living on a Promis, 2017

lan WANG- Metaphori Cally Underwater No:23,No:24,No:25,No:26

lan WANG- Harmony, 2019

lan WANG- Five Oxen,1988

lan WANG- Harmony No:1, 2011; Pastoral No:1, 2012

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