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Fascinating Guizhou – A Heaven of Myriad Mountains

As a mountainous province in Southwest China, Guizhou is rich in all of the things that draw travelers to China: mythic scroll-painting mountains, diverse cultures and truly remarkable food.

Mountains constitute the most beautiful scenery of colorful Guizhou as well as Guizhou people’s home feeling. Guizhou is the only China province without any plains. Over 90% of the area covered by mountains and hills.Tourist resources of diversified Guizhou are characterized by mountains in different poses and with different expressions, with karst caves, canyons, terraces, waterfalls, lakes and hot springs seen everywhere, making up sceneries of wonderful mountains, bright waters, beautiful valleys, mysterious caves, elegant rocks and graceful natural spectacles in all places. Together with its high-speed rail networks and pleasant climate, Guizhou’s amazing natural landscapes make it an important tourist destination. 

China Cultural Centre in Sydney jointly launched Fascinating Guizhou-A Heaven of Myriad Mountain online exhibition with Guizhou Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism.Through three themes of “Ecological Civilization”, “National Culture”, and “Modern Development”, the exhibition selected 40 exquisite pictures, showing Guizhou’s pleasant climate, charming scenery and rich historical culture. The colorful ethnic customs and rapid modernization development vividly tell the new stories about the ancient Guizhou.

I. Ecological Civilization

Asia’s Largest Waterfall—Huangguoshu Waterfall
World Natural Heritage—Mount Fanjing
World Natural Heritage—Foguang Rock of Danxia Landform in Chishui
World Natural Heritage—Zhangjiang National Scenic Spot in Libo
World Geopark—Zhijin Cave
The largest forest featured with Karst Landform in China – Wanfeng Forest
World Natural Heritage—Shibing Yuntai Mountain
Sakura Garden in Qingzhen of Guiyang
Jiabang Terrace in Congjiang
Tea Garden
Peak like woman’s breasts
Guizhou Golden Monkey
Shierbeihou in Zunyi
II. Ethnic Culture
Human Intangible Cultural Heritage—The Grand Song of Dong Ethnic Group
Sister’s Festival of Miao Ethnic Group
World Cultural Heritage—Hailongtun Fortress
Local Opera of Anshun
New Year Festival of Miao Ethnic Group
Zhenyuan Ancient Town
Village of Dong Ethnic Group in Zhaoxing
Chorus with eight ethnic instruments of Buyi Ethnic Group
Xijiang Miao Village with Thousand-Household
Site of Zunyi Conference
Lusheng Dance of Miao Ethnic Group
Dragon Festival of Gelao Ethnic Group
Torchlight Festival of Yi Ethnic Group
III. Modern Development
World’s Largest Radio Telescope
National Big Data Comprehensive Experimental Area
Expressways in Guizhou
Highway with 24 turns in Qinglong
Hezhang Super Major Bridge of Biwei Expressway
High-speed Railways in Guizhou
Airports in Guizhou
International Paragliding Open Competition in Liupanshui
Bridges in Guizhou
Malinghe Bridge
Full views of Maotai Town
Longtang Village in Anshun
Yushe Ski Field
The landmark of Guiyang -Jiaxiu Pavilion

Hosted by

China Cultural Centre in Sydney

Guizhou Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism

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