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 Operation Red Sea




        最佳电影(提名) 林超贤



        导演: 林超贤
        林超贤,中国香港导演。 80年代末期开始为陈嘉上做副导,1998年与陈联合执导的《野兽刑警》获得第18届香港电影金像奖最佳影片和最佳导演两项大奖。后来独立导演的《G4特工》、《江湖告急》、《重装警察》部部精彩,其中尤以《江湖告急》最受好评。


  • 该片体现出了中国军人的英雄气概与大国崛起的精神气度,把中国军事题材影片推向新的高度。它没有把单打独斗式的个人英雄主义当作当代中国海军官兵的精神制高点,而是把镜头的焦点对准了集体的力量。其情感逻辑、动作逻辑的精细把控,和现代艺术技术手段的创造性运用,使得整个撤侨和战争场面的宣言,尤其是危急出兵、突围营救人质,最后的追击等场面,拍出了身临其境的真实感和摄人心魂的震撼效果。(《参考消息》中国文艺评论家协会名誉主席李准评)

 Operation Red Sea

The film tells the story of a coup in the Republic of Ivia in the Middle East and the escalation of armed conflict. The Chinese navy frigate Linyi, which had just completed the hostage rescue mission in Somalia, was ordered to carry out the evacuation mission. A team of 8 men of Navy’s “Jiaolong Commando” was divided into two groups for rescue. Its a story of hard wining victory while been ambushed, scarified and crushing the conspiracy of the head military rebels.

The 38th Hong Kong Film Awards Best Film (Nominated) Lin Chaoxian
The 32nd Chinese Film Golden Rooster Awards Best Feature Film (Nominated)
The 34th Popular Film Hundred Flowers Awards Best Feature Film

Creator Introduction:
Director: Lin Chaoxian
Lin Chaoxian, director from Hong Kong, China. In the late 1980s, he began to work as an assistant director for Chen Jiashang. In 1998, “The Beast Criminal Police” co-directed with Chen, who won two awards for the Best Picture and Best Director at the 18th Hong Kong Film Awards. Later, independent directors of “G4 Agents”, “Jianghu” and “Reloaded Police” were wonderful, and “Jianghu” was the most acclaimed.

Movie Review:

  • The film embodies the heroic spirit of Chinese soldiers and the spirit of the rise of a great power, pushing Chinese military-themed movies to new heights. It does not regard the individual heroism of fighting alone as the spiritual commanding height of contemporary Chinese naval officers and soldiers, but instead focuses the lens on the collective power. The fine control of emotional logic and action logic, and the creative use of modern art and technology, made the declaration of the entire evacuation and war scenes, especially the emergency dispatch of troops, breakout and rescue of hostages, and the final pursuit. The realism of the environment and the shocking effect of the soul. (“Reference News” Li Zhunping, Honorary Chairman of China Literature and Art Critics Association)
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