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Buddha Mountain





        最佳影片(提名)   李玉
        最佳女演员      范冰冰
        最佳艺术贡献奖  李玉





  • 在电影的前半段,导演用极其简短的对白和细节,刻画了人与人彼此的试探、理解彼此的悲痛,相互舔舐疮口,直到最后四个人身处窘境,依然在精神上相互搀扶,令人动容。(新民晚报评)
  • 《观音山》在故事层面留下了许多空白,这些片段式的剧情导致了影片情绪的跳跃和不连贯。它讲述的还是一个宏大而永恒的主题:生死与信仰。只是这个宏大的主题因为电影故事层面的无力而显得有些虚弱,最后只做到了浅尝辄止。(新京报评)

Buddha Mountain

In a small county in Sichuan, there are three young people who were fulfilled wih confusion: Nanfeng, a girl far away from family turmoil, Ding Bo, who has a grudge against her father, and Soap, from a wealthy family but with no family love.
They always get together and play around, savoring the joy and loss of youth. Due to the renovation of their current rented house, they coincidentally rented a house of the Peking Opera actor Chang Yueqin. This is a woman with a rough fate. God’s injustice makes her incompatible with the people around her, not to mention these children who live under the same roof with them, and there is a big gap in age and experience. Nan Feng had constant troubles in their respective lives, and there were even more frictions with Chang Yueqin. However, as time progressed, these lonely people all felt a little warmth with each other…

The 23rd Tokyo International Film Festival

Best Picture (Nominated) Li Yu
Best Actress Fan Bingbing
Best Artistic Contribution Award Li Yu

Creator introduction:
    Director: Li Yu
Chinese film director and screenwriter. In 1996, he directed his first film “Sister” and embarked on his career as a director. In 2001, he directed the film “This Summer” and won the Female Film Award at the 58th Venice International Film Festival. In 2002, he won the Best Asian Film Award at the 51st Berlin International Film Festival with “This Summer”. In 2005, he directed the film “Hong Yan” nominated for the Golden Lion Award for Best Picture at the 62nd Venice International Film Festival, and won the Venice International Film Festival International League Art Film Award. In 2007, the film directed by Apple was nominated for the Golden Bear for Best Picture at the 57th Berlin International Film Festival, and won the Jury Award at the 5th Bangkok International Film Festival, and the Screenplay Honor Award at the 6th Tribeca Film Festival in New York. . In 2010, he won the Best Art Contribution Award at the 23rd Tokyo International Film Festival and the Best Film Award at the Barcelona Asian Film Festival in Spain for his film “Guanyin Mountain”.

Movie Review:

  • In the first half of the movie, the director used extremely brief dialogue and details to portray the temptation and understanding of each others grief, until the last four people who were in a dilemma, but still supporting each other mentally. Touching (Xinmin Evening News Review)
  • “Guanyin Mountain” left a lot of gaps in the story. These fragmentary plots caused the film’s emotional jump and incoherence. It is about a grand and eternal theme: life ,death and faith. However this magnificent theme was a bit weak due to the story line of the film, and ended up on the surface. (New Beijing News Review)
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