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“All about Chinese New Year” musical events- Special Program by CGTN

Click below for Live musical concert 

LIVE | Opening ceremony of the special program ‘All about Chinese New Year’ – YouTube

The 2021 “Happy Chinese New Year” activities sponsored by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism are about to be launched soon as we roll out the Year of the Rat and roll in the Year of the Ox, in order to promote international cultural and tourism exchanges and cooperation and to send festive regards and best wishes to people around the world.

At the same time, the Media Convergence Program 2021, “All about Chinese New Year” musical events is also going to be grandly opened on Feb 4, 2021. 

As from Feb 16, 2021, “All about Chinese New Year” will be presented on CGTN  App and runs for 10 episodes. 10 most attractive cities are selected for this events, exploring different styles of the Spring Festival and compare between these 10 cities, to showcase the diversity of Chinese Culture. 

On Feb 26 ( Lantern Festival),2021  ” All about Chinese New Year” will be officially ended. And will be jointly presented a musical concert “Lantern Tang Poetry” by International Young Singer Art Festival Team, Suzhou Symphony Orchestra, China National Orchestra, as well as famous singers from China, US,  Russia, Nicaragua, Mexico, and Serbia together using modern vocal music to represent Chinese Tang poetries. 

Join CGTN to sit in the front row of the Global Inauguration Ceremony of “Happy Chinese New Year” & the Opening Ceremony of the Media Convergence Program “All about Chinese New Year.”

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