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Happy Chinese New Year VR Exhibition

《寰宇同春》 --“欢乐春节”主题虚拟展

New Year is around corner and let us all say goodbye to 2020, and together celebrate the New Year of the Ox. The Chinese New Year Virtual Exhibition will showcase folk life knowledge and tell the story of Spring Festival in full. The blessings from the people, sending their wishes and greetings to the world, and delivering this moment of happiness. 

The virtual exhibition utilized the traditional folk life style as the background, consisted with 3 main lines of nature’s festival (welcoming the spring – new replacing the old, changing nature of all species), family festival (reunion of families and celebration) and world festival (celebrating spring festival together and expecting a  brighter future), through these 3 main lines to showcase the traditional spring festival custom, involving the elements of the spring festival, and along with the video, background set up, interaction and so on. It allows the participants to deepen their feelings towards the Chinese New Year and its lively festive atmosphere, at the same time experience the warmth, respect of the nature, blessings throughout the video as the beauty of its culture.  


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