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Ice Show-The “Acrobatics on Ice”


Ice Show The Acrobatics on Ice 

Ice Show-The “Acrobatics on Ice”,will present the snow and ice culture and the history of Heilongjiang Province with short videos and micro videos. Relying on the ice and snow resources of China’s Heilongjiang Province and featuring the unique urban characteristics of Harbin, it creates a situation ice show integrating performers, ice, scenery, and passion, while upholding the concept of “an ode to vitality and vigor in life with ice as the stage, the city as the background, and people as the core.”

Check out below beautiful featured episode on our YouTube channel.

The performers devote their enthusiasm to the performance to immerse the audience in the plot of the shows, establishing the image of Longjiang as a desirable destination for snow and ice tourism and telling China’s stories well with best wishes for Spring Festival 2021 to all peoples of the world.

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