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SENSE: An Insight to Sino Australian Cultural Exchange Art Exhibition

Discover the dynamic interaction of the art expressions between Chinese and Australian Artists!

This cross-cultural art exhibition collects national-level artworks from representative artists of China and Australia, presenting the sparkles of innovative and experimental art practices within different cultural traditions.

Through a variety of artistic expressions including oil painting, traditional Chinese painting, acrylic on canvas, and calligraphy, the ten artists express their views of the world from different perspectives and showcase the diversity and inclusion in art today.

The artists include the outstanding award-winning contemporary Australian artists such as Tony Costa who captures unique emotion of the Australian landscape influenced by German Expressionism; Tim Johnson, showing us a floating world combined the Eastern philosophy with western heritage; Fiona Lowry, well-known for her signature airbrush technology and distinct atmosphere; and Lucy Wang, a Chinese-Australian ink brush painter bringing her bi-cultural perspective on Chinese dragon.

Most of the Chinese artists are from Shaanxi province where the capital is Xi’an with a long and distinguished history, now famous for the Terracotta Army and the terminus for the Silk Road, who are sophisticated in capturing contemporary reality with innovative traditional techniques, depicting not only the soaring peaks and plunging ravines that characterize the Shaanxi landscape,  but also portraits of ethnic groups, and flower-and-bird painting.



Wei Liang                                Tony Costa   

Wei An                                     Tim Johnson

Hu Yunsheng                          Fiona Lowry

Qiao Yuchuan                         Hui Min

Wei Junxian                            Lucy Wang (Ru Xi)


 (weekend and public holiday excluded)





China Cultural Centre in Sydney


Level 1, 151 Castlereagh Street, Sydney, NSW 2000



China Cultural Centre in Sydney

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Art Atrium

Ban Xing Tang

Take a Glimpse of the Artworks
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