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China Cultural Centre in Sydney at FOMA

China Cultural Centre in Sydney was proud to be part of the 2021 FOMA (Fabrics of Multicultural Australia) at the Australian National Maritime Museum. Throughout the day, CCCSYD welcomed visitors to engage with various aspects of Chinese Culture, from a diverse display of traditional silk Hanfu from the Han (206 B.C – 200A.D) and Tang Dynasties (618 – 906 A.D) as well as decorative ceramics which showcase the aesthetics and lifestyle of ancient Chinese women. Guests were also treated to various souvenirs and goodies, from delicious Bingtang Hulu; a traditional Chinese street food snack, to Chinese herbal medicine sachets.


Highlight of the Art & Cultural Exhibit

China has been known as the nation of clothing and etiquette since ancient times. The art of traditional costume plays an important part of profound Chinese culture and has become the hottest cultural trend among Chinese young generation.

Hanfu on display

China Cultural Centre in Sydney is honored to present the elegant traditional silk garments with exquisite embroideries by renowned designer Ru Ying from Shaanxi, China. The style of the costumes dates back to the Han (206 B.C.-220 A.D) and Tang Dynasties (618-906 A.D), which are both glorious periods in Chinese history. In addition, 4 female figurines pottery (Tang Sancai) will be on display to showcase the aesthetics and lifestyle of ancient Chinese ladies living in the prosperous Chang’an City.

Chinese Dancer Light up the Stage

China Cultural Centre in Sydney greeting guests and visitors 

Collaboration with YueYuan Home Decor

In collaboration with YueYuan Home Décor, China Cultural Centre displayed an impressive exhibit of traditional handmade Su embroidery. Guests were able to get up-close and personal to one of Chinas oldest embroidery techniques, snapping a photo together with Su embroidered fans and screens.

Dear Guests and Visitors

China Cultural Centre share our thanks to everyone who participated. We thank you for learning about our culture and stories and we hope that you will come visit us soon!

Miss out on FOMA? Check out our YouTube video  down below!

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