From June 3,2021, China Cultural Centre in Sydney and China National Tourist Office, Sydney will together host the online exhibition “China Tourism and Culture Week”.

The 2021 China Tourism and Culture Week will focus on inbound tourism promotion and services, and promote the image of a “Beautiful China” by demonstrating “Beautiful Countryside and Intangible Heritage Protection”, “Ice and Snow Tour”, and food culture. The program aims to host comprehensive events that integrate tourism promotion, cultural exhibitions, business negotiations, and seminars.

This global program China Tourism and Culture Week is sponsored by the Bureau of International Exchange and Cooperation of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of P.R.China, and organized by the Network of International Culturalink Entities (NICE), overseas China Cultural Centers and China National Tourist Offices.

Arts, Culture and Nature: The Best of Art Shows for Tourism of China
Creativeness of Craftsmanship: The Beautiful Countryside by Design

Creativeness of Craftsmanship: The Beautiful Countryside by Design is a project curated and executed by Beijing Saisi Boyi Culture and Art Co., Ltd. (directly affiliated with the Center of International Cultural Exchange) and Sichuan Fine Arts Institute. Based on the research on rural cultural resources by fine arts academies from the perspective of creative design in recent years, the project aims at reinventing rural craftsmanship and catalyzing rural development. By discovering the pathway to rural revitalization, the project reveals the idyllic beauty of the countryside, unveiling the “sweep changes” of China’s rural landscape in the new development stage.


Beautiful Countryside and Intangible Heritage Protection

The beauty of the countryside exists in the picturesque natural scenery and the rich folk customs inherited from generation to generation. There are ancient handicrafts, myths and fairy tales passed down orally, and traditional music, drama and time-honored production and living customs. These intangible cultural heritages carry the cultural memory of all ethnic groups, and they are the spiritual home worth protecting.

The “Beautiful Countryside and Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection” video exhibition selects five beautiful villages from all over China – Qingyang in Gansu, Leishan in Guizhou, Huayuan in Hunan, Nimu in Tibet and Fugong in Yunnan, and introduces their new stories that are full of life with the efforts of inheritors and protectors. Ancient Chinese poets said that the place where made me feel ease was my hometown. The beautiful countryside now is becoming the dream land for more and more urbanites.



Beautiful China - Ice and Snow Tour
“Beautiful China - Ice and Snow Tour”Interactive Experience

Click on the picture to start this winter journey with us

The Beautiful China – Ice and Snow Tour Interactive Experience is presented through hand-drawn animations on this theme page. Through short video clips, pictures and Q&A’s featuring characteristic elements of winter culture in different parts of China. This interactive experience presents the world with a refreshing view of our vibrant winter culture, allows friends across the world to see the rich winter culture in northern China. Scan the QR code to start this winter journey with us. App download not required.

        “美丽中国·冰雪之旅 互动体验”项目,中国冰雪文化互动体验专题页,以手绘动画形式呈现。以当代中国地域特色为载体,以中国冰雪文化为内容,借助微短视频、图片、轻交互知识问答等串起冰雪文化丰富多彩的体验内容,清爽简洁地向世界展示美丽中国冰雪文化的魅力。让海外民众在沉浸式的体验中,看中国北方丰富的冰雪文化,搭建世界各地民众尽享冰雪中国的舞台。专题页无需下载 App,扫描二维码即可体验。

A Taste of China – Introduction Videos Showcasing Enjoy Beijing

Built more than three millennia ago, the city of Beijing has been China’s capital for over 850 years. Long renowned for its striking architecture, each year the city attracts hundreds of millions of tourists eager to explore its rich, unique and charming culture. Comprising a trailer and videos on Beijing’s royal architecture, modern urban lifestyles, and the tranquility of its traditional alleyways, A Taste of China – Enjoy Beijing showcases the city’s profound historical heritage, an urban landscape where tradition meets modernity and its exquisite cuisines. By presenting the charms of cultural tourism in Beijing, the series leaves viewers with a lasting impression of a modern metropolis rooted in tradition and a strong desire to experience all that it has to offer.


A Taste of China: Journey of Xinjiang Cuisine

This food-themed micro documentary A Taste of China: Journey of Xinjiang Cuisine is totaled 5 episodes for the first series, including five representative cities (Urumqi, Turpan, Altay, Ili and Kashgar) from  different regions of Xinjiang, China. A variety of border-less narrative techniques combining food, humanities and tourism are employed. Audience is expected to take a special journey to enjoy delicious food, unique customs, natural scenery, as well as the real life and timeless aesthetic connotation in different regions and cities of Xinjiang. It will encourage a profound emotional resonance with the audience.


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