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‘Micro Calligraphy on Ceramics’ and ‘Foshan Paper-cut ’ Loved at China Cultural Day at Mosman High School

At the invitation of China Cultural Centre in Sydney, Wang Zhiwen, inheritor of national-level intangible cultural heritage item ‘micro calligraphy on ceramics’ and Rao Baolian, inheritor of ‘Foshan paper-cut’ attended China Cultural Day held by Mosman High School on September 17, and provided live demonstrations and teaching sessions to over 200 students, which were warmly welcomed by the students and staff.

The introduction of intangible cultural heritage items into public schools as part of China Cultural Day was aimed at providing first-hand experience with traditional Chinese culture, and stimulating their interest in learning more about the culture.

Principal Susan Wyatt said that the school always places an emphasis on Chinese language teaching with the goal of helping students gain better knowledge of Chinese history and culture and enhancing their understanding of China. In July, a year 11 student from the school, Max Silk, was offered a scholarship by China Cultural Centre in Sydney through the project funded by the Ministry of Culture of China. 

The event is one of the collaborative projects between China Cultural Centre in Sydney and the Department of Culture of Guangdong Province. The Centre also held Guangdong Cultural Week from September 20 to 27, introducing more intangible cultural heritage items such as micro calligraphy on ceramics, Foshan paper-cut, Dawu clay sculptures and hand-made clay pots.

The event was covered by Sydney-based correspondents of people.com.cn. 

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