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[Video] China Cultural Centres in Sydney: a new platform to showcase Chinese culture in overseas by People.com

On the 17th of July, Mrs. Zhao Li, director of the China Cultural Centre, was interviewed by the reporter of People’s Daily Online in Australia.

Mrs. Zhao said the China Cultural Centre was first established overseas about 20 years ago. Recently, with the increase of economic power and the need of presenting a real China and its culture, China began to establish the China Cultural Centres overseas. So far, 16 centres have been established throughout the world, all of which are playing a significant role in promoting Chinese culture overseas. It is expected that the total number of China Cultural Centre overseas will exceed 50 by 2020.

Mrs. Zhao Li says, “Being the first China Cultural Centre established in the Oceania region and registered as a non-profit organisation, the China Cultural Centre in Sydney is also the first overseas culture centre established by the Chinese government in a city which is not the capital of that country.”

She continues by saying that“based on the local situation, the China Cultural Centre in Sydney focuses its efforts on mainstream society as well as the general public. With the hope of cooperating with the local government, as well as organisations involved with art and culture, the Centre will bring an outstanding experience of Chinese culture to the Australian people, deepening Australia’s understanding of Chinese culture and providing a sound international environment for China’s development.”

In order to realize the main functions of the China Cultural Centre in information services, cultural events, training courses and intellectual dialogue, Mrs. Zhao emphasised that the China Cultural Centre in Sydney is highly focused on the following points: mainstream society, brand building, extensive publicity and high quality. She said: “focusing on the mainstream requires us to tailor and create distinct cultural programs for different audiences, planning various events for the higher level of the society, the general public and the younger generation. Focusing on brand means continuously establishing unique events run by the Centre. Focusing on media is to fully utilise the media’s functions, enabling our events to achieve a state of high quality and efficiency. Finally, focusing on quality requires us to guarantee that all our events are well designed and presented, making every endeavour not only to spread Chinese culture overseas, but also to blend in with the cultures of the local society.”

Mrs. Zhao added by saying that the China Cultural Centre in Sydney will follow the principle of “quality, accessibility, friendship and partnership”. With the joint-efforts of the Chinese and local governments, various organisations as well as the media, it is hoped that the Centre will become a window, a platform and a bridge for the presentation of Chinese culture in Sydney. 

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