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China Cultural Centre in Sydney “Happy Chinese New Year” Series – Event 6: Chinese Lunar New Year Twilight Parade

On the night of the 22nd of February, the Chinese New Year Twilight Parade was officially launched. Held by the City of Sydney, and incorporating more than 30 colourfully decorated floats and 3000 performers, the city of Sydney was captivated that night with singing, dancing and the joyous festivities celebrating the Lunar New Year. The Chinese Music Orchestra Parade, organised by the China Cultural Centre, made its first public appearance in Sydney that night, being the very first parade of its kind in the history of the Chinese New Year Twilight Parade in Sydney. 

The Chinese New Year Festival in Sydney is the largest celebration of the Spring Festival outside Asia as far as the scale is concerned. As the 19th celebration of the Chinese New Year, it attracted tens of thousands of residents and tourists. As this year marks the Year of the Sheep, the floats were decorated with images of sheep-shearing, knitting granny, and sheep-counting, representing the personalities of people who were born in the year of sheep. Participants in the parade included Korean, Thai and Chinese community groups and organisations, as well as the representatives of the Ministry of Culture of China. Spectacles performed during the parade included martial art, acrobatics, marionette puppet performances and dancing, providing the audience with an dazzling display of colour, sound and skill. 

The Parade march, performed by the Hunan Orchestra of Chinese Music and organized by the China Cultural Centre in Sydney, performed the very rhythmic pieces “Dongting, the Land of Abundance” and “Dance Music of the Youth”, bearing typical Chinese characteristics by utilising the suona, erhu, pipa, flute, sheng, gong, and tambourine alternatively. Their performance received great response and applause, and, as the Parade march passed the main platform, the Centre was specially congratulated by the host for its contribution to promoting multiculturalism in Sydney. 

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