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06:00 to 07:30


Time & Date: 5pm, Saturday, 14th March
Duration: 70 mins
Venue: China Cultural Centre in Sydney
Cost: Free 

Chinese music has a long history and a profound tradition. In order to celebrate the refined traditions of Chinese music, professors and students of the China Conservatory of Music will perform at the China Cultural Centre in Sydney, bringing a concert that highlights the essence of Chinese melody: the poetic ‘Autumn Moon over a Lake’ , the exotic ‘Riddle Song’ and more master pieces to follow. 

As part of the Australia premier, “China Impressions”, a flagship Chinese piano music project of the China Conservatory of Music, will be presented at China Cultural Centre after exchanges, master classes and workshops were conducted at the Conservatorium of Music, the University of Tasmania. “China Impressions” is well acclaimed in its tours to Europe and America over the years. 

The China Conservatory of Music, a renowned music institute of higher learning, is known for having a number of graduates from internationally known conservatories in the U.S., Germany and Russia as faculty members of the Piano Department. They are active solo and ensemble performers in concerts throughout China. Many of the Conservatory’s students and alumni have been prize winners in national and international competitions. 

Don’t miss out this only one opportunity of enjoying Chinese piano music in Sydney.
Reservation is essential via info@cccsydney.org

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