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China Impression – Piano Concert by China Conservatory of Music Presented at China Cultural Centre in Sydney

On April 14th, students and professors from the Piano Department of the China Conservatory of Music performed a piano concert titled “China Impression” at the China Cultural Centre in Sydney. The concert attracted a large number of local music fans, with a total turnout of approximately 100 people.

Comprised of original Chinese piano works, the concert incorporated both traditional Chinese and western musical elements. The performance included pieces such as “Autumn Moon over the Calm Lake” and “Jasmine Flower”, delivering to the audience a rich experience of the nuances of Chinese music. These pieces were followed by the unique and lively “Naxi Wenpu” and “The Combination of Long and Short”, inspired by the music of Chinese ethnic minorities. The concert also included other musical works bearing the characteristics of traditional Chinese music as well as Peking Opera, closing with the piano duet “Spring Festival Prelude” performed by Professor Yu Meina and Professor Wang Qiu. With an excellent demonstration of skills and originality of music, the concert received loud cheers and great applause from the audience.

“China Impression” piano concert is a major event run by the Piano Department of the China Conservatory of Music, mainly performed overseas and serving as an introduction to Chinese piano works. Over the past a few years, the concert was held in Austria, Germany, America as well as some other countries and cities around the world. 

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